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Are you looking for Massage Chicago? We pride ourselves in offering the best massage and the best experience possible. At Aroma Spa, it's all about the experience. Whether you're looking for a relaxation massage, soothing massage or pre-natal massage, you'll enjoy our highly experienced masseuses and the ambience of our massage rooms. Our Chicago Massage rooms are designed to perfectly enhance your massage experience. We provide Heated Tables, Hot Towels,  Hot Stone & Hot Pack. We use Unscented Organic Oils & Lotion and Provide Complementary Water.

In addition to it Unscented Organic oils & lotion,starting with a calm, nurturing, relaxing atmosphere, Whatever you're looking for, whether it is relaxation and stress reduction or soothing tight or aching muscles, chicago massage spa, Aroma Spa is the place for it. 



Chicago's top spot for Massage

Lincoln Park and Lakeview residents have voted us as the hidden gem among Chicago Massage locations.

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We provide excellent Spa Package at affordable prices. At Aroma Spa you get serious pampering in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Our Signature massage is Combining the best of therapeutic massage practices from around the world. this .
G.M. Collin’s signature anti-aging treatment. This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides including


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